In the beginning God created the Universe and a Planet named Earth. Humans were formed in God’s Image and Likeness to continue God’s work but soon Humans decided, “We want to live our way and not God’s”.

Selfishness and Violence filled the world so God started over with just one family and God made a covenant with a man named Abraham, “The Land around you is yours, your family will be my blessing to the whole world”.

In just a few generations they grew into a large Nation Named Israel, The Egyptians became fearful and forced the Israelites to be their slaves.

Through a Humble leader named Moses God led the Israelites in a Great Exodus back toward their promised land. Along the Journey God laws and Commands were a constant instructions to help the Israelites follow God’s Ways.

Finally after 40 years of struggle and complaining in the Desert, the Israelites back home in the Promised Land in Victory. The People worshiped God, but soon after they turned from God and live their own rebellious ways this became a pattern from generation to generation.

Israel’s Greatest Judge was Samuel, He followed God’s ways and Spoke for God as His Prophet. He told Israel that God was the only King they ever needed, but they desired to be like the corrupt nations surrounding them and insisted “We want a Human King, who we can see and rule over us just like the other nations.”

So Samuel found a man named Saul to be Israel’s first king. His reign began well but before long, Saul stopped following God’s ways and made many bad decisions, So Samuel told Saul because you have turned your back on God. God has rejected you as a king.

Samuel’s search for the next King led to a Courageous Young Shepherd Boy named David. When David Grew Up to be the King, God blessed him and the more Israelites Greatly, but David was not perfect. He had an Affair with a married women and committed a Murder to cover it up. Deep inside David always Loved God and would return to living in God’s Ways. Better Known as the Poet Warrior, he wrote Music to God called Psalms, the true heartfelt Expression of Prayers, Struggle and Thankfulness. After many years, King David gave his Throne to his Son Solomon. God also told David “One day your descendants will rule with the Kingdom that will never end”.

Solomon succeeded his Father David by becoming the richest King in Israel’s history. With Full of God’s Wisdom, Solomon Wrote books like Proverbs and Built a magnificent Temple of permanent tabernacle reminding people of God’s continual presence, but Solomon strayed from God marrying corrupt wives who led him into worshipping false God’s.

Civil War broke out dividing the country into a Northern Kingdom called Israel and a Southern Kingdom called Judah. Soon both of these kingdoms were led by Corrupt Kings who ignored God’s will.

During this time Prophets were sent as messengers calling the Israelites to return to God. They warned of the destructive consequences ahead. Prophet Elijah a Wild and Rugged man challenged and showed up false prophets who the true God was, and the importance of calling God.

To give an awesome display of the fire. Prophet Elisha followed him bringing a boy back to life by causing him to sneeze. These prophets challenged the Israelites and their kings to return to God’s better ways but the Israelites would not listen, distracted in their own rebellion the other nations swept in and conquered both of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

God’s people were forced out of the Promised Land and many were taken away to be slaves. Once again the temple was destroyed and the people lost everything. This was a time called the exile where many of the Israelites now called Jews were scattered across different lands.

One prophet named Daniel was sent to a city named Babylon the law demanded that everyone should pray only to the king of Babylon but Daniel used to pray to God Three times a Day. So Daniel was thrown into a pit of Hungry Lions but God close the mouths of the Lions and Daniel emerged the next Morning without a Scratch.

Those scattered, God was still watching over the Jewish people and God gave them hope speaking through the Prophet Jeremiah’s words, “I’ll make a new Covenant with the people of Israel returning them to the Promised Land and filling their hearts and minds with my ways.

60 years later this hope was realized. The Persian Empire freed the Jewish people to return to their Promised Land. A Small number gathered back in the capital city of Jerusalem and a new smaller temple was built under the leadership of Ezra. Reunited they celebrated and shouted with Joy but the elders wept in remembrance of what was lost.

Prophets like Malachi and Isaiah pointed to the future and a coming King, a Messiah who would fully restore Israel and bring a new kingdom of peace. So the Jewish people waited and Hoped and God would not speak through the Prophets again for 400 years.