Lent in its True Essence.

Glory be to The Trinitarian God!

“How to follow a True Lent in its True Essence” As we all know, we have entered the season of The Great and Holy Lent, where each one of us have to Discipline our lives upto an extent and convert our daily life as a more Holy and Pious one. Here, I would like to elaborate some of my Views on with the Help of Writings from Our Church Fathers.Joel 2:13 essentially means that the time has already gone and at least now we must Fast and get away from our sins, so that we experience Almighty’s bountiful Blessings. We are told to keep Abstinence from Food, Jovial Activities, Sexual Activities and try ourselves to keep far from Sins and Sinful thoughts. Although by keeping abstinence from these somatic or immaterial aspects of life, if we are not able to keep abstinence from sinful thoughts our lent would go inconsequential. A song from the Lenten Prayer says like this “Bhakshyathil maathram Noumbullon Neeraayi Noumbelpon alla, Nishphalam aayidumee, Bhakshana Noumbathine Dweshipoo Daivam Hallelujah-u-Hallelujah Annyayam viduvin”, it means fasting and abstaining only from food and not abstaining from crooked or evil paths and unjust ways is not a lent that Lord wants. So let’s try to follow this Lent by keeping our minds away from evil and unjust thoughts by being a True Christian through following the Paths of Our Fore Fathers.

The Lent of an Orthodox Believer begins by taking part in the Holy Eucharist and The Service of Shubkono (Reconciliation). Every Lent also ends by taking Part in the Holy Eucharist and The Service of Shubkono. The main motive of this service is getting Reconciliation from Our Lord. So How do we receive Reconciliation from our Lord? As St. Mathew 6:14 reads to us, “If you forgive others the wrongs they have done to you, your Father in Heaven will also forgive you.” So if we want to receive reconciliation of our sins From Our Heavenly Father then we have to first forgive all our Brothers, Sisters, Friends or anyone else connected to our lives.

Various acts we have to follow during a Lenten season is Following Lenten Prayers at least Three times a Day and Genuflecting or Prostrating 40 times after the Afternoon Prayers, Food Fasts(Skipping one meal a day and keeping away from Non-Veg,Milk and Poultry items), Cyber Fasts(Decreasing the use of Electronics such as Mobile Phones, Televisions, Computers), Silence(Trying to speak less to keep away from Gossips and useless talks), Maintaining a calm behavior(Trying to rage-up as minimum as possible), Reading Scriptures on a Daily Basis. By following these ways, Let us all look forward to not fall in the pits of Satan and Scuzzy Sins. Just as St.Athanasius the Great says, “Devils take great delight in fullness, and drunkenness and bodily comfort. Fasting possesses great power and it works glorious things. To fast is to banquet with Angels.” So keeping this accurate message in our mindslet’s have a peaceful and Blessed Lent. Do keep Delhi citizens and various people affected by Corona Viruses in your perpetual and Holy Prayers of this Lenten Season, May Lord Almighty Bless us all Abundantly.