Names or Baptismal Names

Praise be to the Triune God, Amen.

We live in a fast moving Society, where we are often caught up in its pace. One of the biggest challenges faced by couples come when their new born has to be named. the questions often pondered upon are, what should I name him/her, he/she should have our family name, the name should be taken from the Holy Bible, etc.

When the elders or youngsters are faced with the question of understanding the meaning of their names, they are often heartbroken. If we trace the Malayali Christian Community in general the names given to the new borns were usually the names of their Great Grandparents, and Grandparents or family names. To find a meaning or a baptismal name for the same is a hard task.

The below list is an excerpt from The Book "Shushrusha Nadapadichattangal" compiled and written by His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Didymos I, The seventh Catholicos of the East in the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. This excerpt will help us to understand the meaning of our names from a Biblical perspective.


I wish this article helps many in identifying their identity.

May God Bless Us.